About Us

About Us

So, how did it come about that we launched a detox juicing company?

so please read on.....

Well, it all started in about 2000 when one of our Nutritional Therapists developed a serious auto-immune medical condition. After tirelessly trying diet after diet after diet, hoping to find ANYTHING that would give her an energy boost so she could get through her day, Pam read an article about juicing, tried it.....and so it begins!!!!!

Over the years, we've made thousands of juices for friends and family, whether it's been to help fight off a cold, lose a few pounds, or a boost before a night out! After years of nagging us to go into business, in 2014 we decided it was time to share our delicious cold-pressed juices with the masses.

Our History


The recipe hunt began, some of which still remain in our juices 15 years later. We focused on creating great tasting juices with anti-oxidant properties, but before the days of Google, this was very much a hit-and-miss exercise, decided on taste with regular trips to the library!


Pam and Claire both successfully embarked on Nutritional Therapist courses, and passed with flying colours! They both spent months and months in the kitchen, testing and creating all of the delicious detox juices in our menus today.


After 6 months of planning, product design, branding, web design, and a ridiculous amount of hard work, 'I Love Fresh' was born! The amazing feedback we've received has proved testiment to all our research and  hard work.

Job Opportunities

Due to the continued success of our popular products, we are continually inviting potential candidates to forward their CV's for future selection for interview.

Please forward your CV to support@ilovefresh.co.uk for the following posts:

  • General kitchen staff
  • Kitchen supervisor
  • Packaging / distribution staff


Our Exec Team

  • Claire

    Chief Nutritional Therapist and creator of menus...

  • Pam

    Nutritional Therapist and advisor...

  • Marcelle

    Web design, marketing, accounts and all things business...

Our Advantages

Our systems here at I Love Fresh allow you to make choices of juices, rather than being stuck with a plan containing ingredients that you dislike!

You get to choose from up to 3 different varieties of juice per meal, so there should always be a juice that you'll enjoy drinking.

More and more nutritionists are recommending that a detox diet shouldn't be followed for more than 3 days!

As the juicing diets becomes more popular, some companies are offering up to a 28 day detox...check some of these out and see what the experts say:

"...a one to three day cleanse can be a safe and effective way to give your digestive system a rest..." www.dailyburn.com

"...longer fasts can result in electrolyte imbalances..." www.huffingtonpost.ca

Weight loss really is a significant factor!

Based on our feedback from previous customers, every single customer has experienced weight loss of between 3lb and 7.5 lbs....which is amazing in just 3 days! We also ask our customers a week later on, if they've managed to keep their weight off, and we've had a resounding response of 'YES'! You obviously need to be a little sensible with your meals afterwards, but you've just done a juice detox, so the chances are that you're not going to blow all of your hard work on Big Mac's and fried chicken!

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