Your Detox Diet...Tailored And Created Especially For You!

Our tasty cold-pressed juices are made from organic produce where possible, and hand-pressed and shipped ON THE DAY THEY'RE MADE to ensure you get the maximum qualities and nutrition from each of your chosen ingredients. You just choose, from the calendar on the order page, what day you want to start your juice cleanse!

The best thing about our 'I Love Fresh' range of delicious, nutritious juicing plans, is that you get the choice of up to 4 different juices for each meal, so you can tailor your plan, whether it be a 3 day detox plan, our 'look good' diets or our 'feel good' diets, you get to decide from a range of juices to suit your personal tastes. The second best thing, and a close second, is that our plans will help you get closer to achieving your goals!

Our team of qualified Nutritional Therapists have extensive experience in creating individual juice plans, and based on extensive research, they have created the very best, and most nutritious options of juices available to suit your individual needs! Whether you want to give your digestive system a re-boot using one of our 3 day detox diets, or lose weight to get into your 'little black dress', we can create the juice menu to help you achieve your goals.

For those of you who would like the nutritional benefits of juicing and want to continue eating their usual healthy diet, we also now offer 'meal replacement' plans. You can choose to start your day with a choice of breakfast juices, then continue with the remainder of the day as normal, or you can choose to replace your lunch with a juice, and eat all of your other meals as normal. These plans provide 6 of the juices of your choice, so you just have 1 juice per day, so you can keep 3 in the fridge, and put the other 3 in the freezer to retain their nutritional benefits.

Browse through our individual juice diet plans and choose exactly what you want from the ingredients, giving you nutritionally balanced choices that you actually want to drink!

All juicing plans are sent in a thermal polystyrene box, with ice packs included, ensuring they get to you in prime, cold condition. You MUST refrigerate all of the bottles upon receipt, so make sure you've left room in your fridge please.

After your order has been placed, we will email you to find out if you have any special dietary needs. Please note that due to the fact that we make each product to order, and the earliest we can ship is on a Monday, the earliest day of the week you can start your juicing plan will be a Tuesday.

Please note that deliveries on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most popular days, and we can only make so many juices! Therefore, we have set a limit to the number of orders we can take on any day, so if you would like your juice plan to start on a Tuesday or Wednesday, please place your order in advance, choosing the date you wish to start on the diary on the 'Checkout' page. We'd hate you to be disappointed, so please order in advance to ensure you can start on the day you want.

So, go ahead and choose from the wide range of cleanses we have available, and we'll have them shipped to you, freezing cold, by 10am on the morning you choose to start your detox.

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